Experimental Command Prompt in Windows 10 Technical Preview

We have a culture, most people think more geeky when they work with command line windows. Command line windows are relatively harder to learn but we can do many task with simple commands rather then clicking several next buttons, that eats time.

The story of cmd.exe on Windows starts with Windows NT operating systems (including Windows 2000 and later). It is the analog of COMMAND.COM in DOS and Windows 9x systems (where it is also called “MS-DOS Prompt”). Some advanced tolls in Windows like dism.exe are still using command line despite they are very new and introduced with Windows 7.

From Windows 10, Microsoft decided to give more flexible experience on their command line, cmd.exe. The main reason behind this are the rise of the Clouds and GIT. Earlier the targeted audience for cmd.exe were IT admins, but now Developers have joined the party so, Microsoft need to optimize cmd.exe for developers, who copy paste things most of the time and need transparent windows.

Open cmd.exe, right click on the title bar and select “Properties”


There you can notice the new “Experimental” tab, now play with it 🙂

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