Two noticible UI changes in Windows 10

I am using Windows 10 since its release on my Acer Aspire Tablet, is so awesome, I am going to upgrade my lappy’s Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 seriously after I will test Visual Studio 2013 on it. I have noticed two things that says, Microsoft is trying to convince the next Windows users the metro way, mixed with old Windows 7 experience.

Toasts as Balloons

Screenshot (30)

I have been a great fan of Balloon tips since Windows XP. I When I was programming with VB 6 on Windows XP, 7 and 8 I never miss Balloon tips notifications on any of my programs. When Windows 8 came to me, I was confusing and even I was thinking about why Microsoft is making to many notification ways, Tiles, Toasts and Balloons? It was little bit confusing to me, but now it seems like Microsoft has combined both Toasts and Balloons into one. Even the way Toasts are being displayed in Windows 10 is better because, all we came from the Windows XP, Vista and 7 background, always looking for the notifications right-bottom of the screen. Though Windows 8’s right -top toasts are optimized for touch, this right-bottom toasts are dismissible by thumb instead of moving the hand to the top screen and using index finger to dismiss.

Screenshot (21)

When Google made the controls of Gmail app for Android to top from bottom it got many negative feedback, but still people are using it because there is no way but most people, from the heart like to interact with Thumbs because they are used to them since they were kids, playing console games with Joysticks. This is very good move by Microsoft by making things that make awesome UXs.

A context menu, optimized for touch

Continuum is being the topic after Joe Belfiore demoed that in the Windows 10 event. Unfortunately its now available in the current Windows 10 technical preview, but I have noticed something silimar to that, that is a better context menu, or you can a right click menu, which pops up when you long press with your fingers on a tile on the new start menu. It looks like

Screenshot (29)

It doesn’t matter, whether the mouse is present on the PC or not, if you touch any tile for a long press, you will get this, but you can’t do this via a mouse and a right click on a tile via mouse seems like

Screenshot (31)

These are something I have noticed in Windows 10 Technical preview, so far sooooooooooooooo coool.. šŸ™‚

Happy Windows 10 previewing šŸ™‚

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