App Integration With the Settings Hub in WindowsPhone 8

This article is based on a stackoverflow question Note : You can not publish apps with feature to Windows Phone store. These kind of apps will be rejected. For most applications, this is not at all necessary – if you are not altering the behavior of the device (e.g. through global settings that go […]

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Set Reminders periodically in WP8

My Friend Aditya Patil is a good programmer from India. He develops for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Recently he was asking about setting Reminders perodically to remind patients about their Food timings. I have roughly done this with simple for loops. This throws exception but it works The below is the code DateTime […]

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Http Post for Windows Phone 8

I am currently working on a Windows Phone 8 project and here is how I am posting to a server. Windows Phone 8 sort of has limited access to the full .NET capabilities and most guide I read say you need to be using the async versions of all the functions. // server to POST […]

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Windows Phone SDK Setup failed!

I was setting my developerment environment yesterday after upgraded to Windows 8.1. While I was installing Windows Phone SDK. I got the above error. And it seems the cause of this error is invalid digital certificate. I searched through the internet and found a way to resolve it. Here are the steps Uninstall partially install […]

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