C# : OWIN – Environment Elements and Another Way of Information Passing

Earlier this week I ended up in a situation where, a signal flag wanted to be set in a controller method which will eventually invoke the RedirectToIdentityProvider notification where the signal flag value has to be checked and retrieved. Usually the RedirectToIdentityProvider notification is getting called when SignIn(), SignOut() or Challange() methods are getting called. I was […]

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C# : Dependency Injection, Simplified

It has been a buzz word for some intermediate level C# developers, ‘Dependency Injection’ is sometimes really hard to understand because we couldn’t understand the need for it. In simple words, think about the scenario where you are developing an application which saves some data in a file and that file handling. You might code […]

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C#: Casting and Type Checking

We all know and have experienced the importance we have for castings in C#. Its just essential if you want to build any system that takes inputs, process and give output. What a basic computer does is the same functionality right? so logically we need casting EVERYWHERE in computing. Even you can argue, “I am […]

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Delegates in C#, simplified.

Delegates, a main question when it comes to C# interviews. When I faced the internship interview at IFS last October I was asked a question “What is a delegate” I said “It is a way to achieve thread safety”, actually I used delegates in my Imagine cup project in 2013 but when I faced that […]

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