Singlish & Tamilish Feeder

Why I am doing this?

Teaching Singlish (Sinhala, typed in English) and Tamilish (Tamil, typed in English) will unblock many barriers in computing for Sri lankan people. Unfortunately we don’t have Sinhala or Tamil keyboards on PCs and all mobile devices, even for the existing keyboards most people are not quite comfortable with them. A survey says 70% of Sri Lankan PC and Mobile users prefer to use English keyboard to type.

With your contribution, I am training a dragon (actually a Virtual PC) to detect users input whether that is Singlish or Tamilish. This can be used for the sentiment analysis and make understand what does users think about a particular product to a machine. This can be used to analyze blog comments, tweets on a particular product, facebook page comments.

How to?

Simple steps, yes very simple steps

  1. Select the language (remember, if you don’t know Tamilish and Singlish, help us to teach English also, please)
  2. Type the sentence (or copy paste from any where, this is quite easy noh)
  3. Select the most suitable feeling/sentiment for the sentence (you are human and you know feelings)

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