Subscribing to All Events Types – Event Grid Topic

After 2019 June update to Azure Event Grids, you can no more see “Subscribe to all event types” when creating a new Subscription in an Azure Event Grid Topic.


Even though it has been removed from Microsoft documentation, as of the time of writing this post, this reference still exists in Microsoft Cloud workshop Github repository for Serverless.

Since this is no more available and replaced by “filter event types” option in the same place (the same option is available in the “filters” blade also) – if you still want to create a topic with the subscription to all event types – just leave null value there and create the subscription (reference: here)

You also can go to “Advanced Editor” in the event subscription creation wizard and set the value of includedEventTypes which accepts an array as the value, to null.



PS: You can create a Microsoft Teams connector to see the resource creation, deletion, etc in any of your Azure subscriptions. Follow this tutorial.

Happy Coding.

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