Azure App Service Easy Tables – How To Add After Missing “Data Connections”

“Easy Tables” is a handy feature for Azure Mobile Apps, which is a specialization of Azure App Service for creating mobile app backends. Apparently, Microsoft removed the “Date Connection” option under “Mobile” for App Service. Data Connection was the starting point to configure Easy Tables for Azure Mobile Apps.


Without Data Connections, if you try to add “Easy Tables”, you will get the following error.


Data Connections was the place where we used to give the SQL Server connection string. Now it is available in Configuration -> Connection String.

Navigate to Configuration blade of the app service and add the connection string with the name of either:

MS_TableConnectionString – for Azure SQL databases

MS_AzureStorageAccountConnectionString – for Azure storage account

After adding the connection string, go to the “Easy Tables” blade, click “Need to configure Easy Tables/Easy APIs – Click here to continue”. Just ignore the message “Easy Tables is not supported on your current App Service app. Please initialize your App Service app for Easy Tables support.” and click “Create ToDoItem Table”


If everything goes OK – you would get the “Easy Tables” blade back with the enabled “Add” and “Add from CSV” button.

To verify, just add a table from Easy Tables, and go to your Azure SQL DB – you should be able to see the table you have created.


Happy Coding.


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