Azure : App Service and Functions on HTTP/2

HTTP/2 was proposed in December 2014 and approved as a standard in February 2015, since then most browsers quickly added the support for HTTP/2. It was the first new version of HTTP since HTTP 1.1 which was released in 1997. HTTP/2 changes do not require any changes to how existing web applications work, but new applications can take advantage of new features for increased speed. You can read more on HTTP/2 here. After a request from 2015, Microsoft has now announced HTTP/2 support for both Azure App Service and Functions. (whilst AWS announced HTTP/2 support for Cloud Front in 2016)

How to enable for Azure App Service

  1. Go to your app service resource.
  2. Click on “Resource Explorer” under “Deployment Tools” and press “Go” in the resource explorer blade.
  3. Get web config of your site under [Your subscription] / resourceGroups / [Your resource group] / providers / Microsoft.Web / sites / [Your website] / config / web – you should be able to find  "http20Enabled": false, set it to true.


Thats all.

How to enable for Azure Functions

For Functions, HTTP/2 can be enabled in the same way but the “Resource Explorer” is listed under the “Platform Features”. http2

Happy Coding.

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