New Themes support in Visual Studio Code

After reading the latest VS Code insiders mail on 9/01/15 I was quite happy because they said, new colour theme support is coming with the 0.8.0 update. Two months before I wrote a post on how to hack VS Code to get colour theme support. And its really happy to see VS Code developers have added this feature finally and with some more surprises.
Code theme
As you can see in the above gif, you can type “theme” in Command Plate or you can get it from File -> Preference -> Color Theme.

At the same time, you can add more themes since, VS Code supports .tmTheme file. So you can download them from then move the .tmTheme to [VS Code Installation location]\resources\app\plugins\vs.theme.starterkit\themes and restart the VS Code.

You can edit the theme files as well, just open the .tmTheme and edit it.

Future works for me, I am now working on a Chrome Extension that automatically install new themes for VS Code.

Happy coding guys..

3 thoughts on “New Themes support in Visual Studio Code

  1. I’ve tried what you say… now what had done before… but the new themes appear with the vs-theme-starterkit extension and does not work… you can replace the name of the desired theme by one of the names of the themes that are installed but not work well, the numbers are not colored and others… I look forward your extension 😉

  2. I have also noticed that some scopes, notably punctuation in HTML files, refuses to be colored. The dark themes all have a the original light blue for punctuation, which ruins many popular themes. I have been trying a work around.

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