How I am getting started with IoT

Satheeq got a Intel Galileo from his office and I really don’t understand why he gave it to a girl who returned it back couple of months later without corrupting it.

So he gave it to me, I can do any experiments on it as our agreement says. What he gave was only a board with powersupply and I reused my USB cable and a RJ45 from him. The next saturday I rushed to Libery Plaza where I found a decent micro SD card for LKR 2200 (Life time warranty). Since I have only 5000/- left to survive until my next salary day and I have quite a good amount of money left to spend online I ebayed for cheap products.

Breadboard and Jumper cable wires

These two are very impotent for any electronics project and Lankatronics sell them for almost same amount available in ebay from top selleres from China. This product, I have just ordered comes with a breadboard with 400 tie points and 65 Jumper cables which costs USD 3.88. While same kind of breadboard is available in Lankatronics for LKR 250 and a single Jumper cable for LKR 5, so for 65 jumper cables it will be 325 and seems there is no big margin.


This page attempts

Galileo is compatible with existing Arduino shields that fit the Arduino Uno R3

while Intel has a dedicated page for sensors and shields which are big costlier. So I searched though Ebay for Arduino Uno R3 compatible shields and I found quite cheap ones from China, in my personal opinion for a prototype or for a hobby project these kind of cheap ones are enough. Here are some interesting findings, they are from topsellers and having free International shipping

  1. Soil Hygrometer Detection Moisture Sensor Module for Arduino + Probe
  2. MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide CO Gas Sensor Detection Module For Arduino
  3. Water flow sensor flowmeter Hall flow sensor Module

These are just some examples there are more….

Wish me good for my IoT journey guys.. Do a prayer for me.!

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