Learning Microsoft Azure from Packt, a must have book for Azure guys.

Recently I had a chance to read a book on a topic I love the most these days, yes Azure. First I want to thank Laxmi Singh, Marketing Research Executive, Packt Publishing for he kind give away to me and her patience.

LEARNING MICROSOFT AZURE, is simply a very great book for those who want to learn Microsoft’s fast growing cloud platform, Azure and it is still helpful for those who are familiar with Azure seeks further knowledge. I never have seen a book like this with real image descriptions. Those are really helpful and guides you to cross check if you are doing correctly. Geoff Webber-Cross is a very well known Microsoft stack guy, he is the author of the book this is an added advantage for the readers. Cost is also really affordable, this book costs just £16.99 for softcopy and prited version with softcopy is available for £27.99.

This book covers all the areas in Azure and guides you to build, deploy, and host scalable applications in the cloud using Windows Azure and enhance your mobile applications to receive notifications via the notifications Hub Features a full enterprise Azure case study with detailed.

I higly recommond this book to those who want to learn Azure and would like to perform a deep dive on it.

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