Why I wanted to create Azure Friday show mirror on Youtube

I have a dream, that one day I will own a 100GB per month data package where the down-link will be more than 5Mbps

Yes, I am also another ordinary student, I dream about my dream data package but yet its a dream. Another dream of mine is Azure. And I follow all the contents from Scott Hanselman. I am a big fan of Azure Friday show on Channel 9 from him and I wanted to download all the videos at once. But in my university the administration made multimedia files downloads slower, it will not exceed 5kbps while you are trying to download any videos and .exe files except the contents from Youtube. Youtube video downloads are faster, they made this for the students who follow so called video tutorials from Youtube.

So my requirement is all the Azure Friday videos locally and still I can’t go with the http://dayngo.com/channel9/ way as downloads to multimedia files are slower. So the only solution is Azure Friday mirror on Youtube and Hanselman has done it but with not all the videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0M0zPgJ3HSdKRY9wjhjhRpWaRzUaepuN Here is that.

What I have done to achieve my goal.

Azure is a great friend of me, and a great tool. What I have done was

1) Posted a tweet to Scott and Channel 9 whether are there objections to re-publish the content.

2) Waited for a good amount of time but they are busy guys and no-reply from them.

3) Attached a disk to a VM on my Azure subscription

4) Downloaded the Powershell script from dayngo.com from the Azure Friday show

5) Downloaded entire show to the VM disk, Azure remote download is awesome. It exceeds my dream 5Mbps. wooooooowwwwwwww!!

6) Downloaded the .vhd file of the disk, bacause there is no speed restriction on downloading .vhd file in my campus.

7) Thought about the community, my friends, one day they might need the content as I wanted today. So created a Youtube playlist and uploaded all the videos (again from the VM as uplink in Azure VMs are such AWESOME)

8) Got the reply from Scott Hanselman and Channel 9 via twitter, they said, don’t do the [goto step 1]

9) Deleted all the videos, I understand its not my content to republish. If anyone want it to study about Azure, download from http://dayngo.com/channel9/ I hope you guys will never have any download restrictions like me.

Again, I would like to say a <big>THANKS</big> to Hanselman, very helpful to me.

2 thoughts on “Why I wanted to create Azure Friday show mirror on Youtube

  1. Isham, if you want to put me in touch with your university’s administration, I’d be happy to explain to them the value of Channel 9 (and, since we host them as well, Microsoft Virtual Academy) videos and perhaps they would add our domains to their ‘not throttled’ list.

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