While working on a project as a group which uses Azure as the backbone of it, Usually companies, buy one Azure subscription and share the authentication details with the project team. But people like MVPs, MSPs and other team members who have MSDN subscription will surely already have Azure subscription for USD 150 per month. Still those projects don’t employ those Azure subscription because those people never wanted to share their Microsoft account’s password with others.

For this kind of issue, Azure comes with a nice (and forgotten) feature to add Administrators to for the current Azure subscription and use them with their (the new guys’) own identity.


To do this

  • Go to http://manage.windowsazure.com (as the administrator)
  • Scroll the left pane down untill see “Settings”
  • Click on it and select “Administrators”
  • Here you can see your details
  • Now add your co-workers’ email and gooooooo 🙂