Got an Inbox invitation

Got a Google Inbox invitation and I hope you all have read about what Inbox is.


Why you should install it

  1. Its from Google πŸ˜€
  2. Snooze feature
  3. Done feature
  4. Awesome UI/UX (They call this as Materiel design)
  5. That innovative ‘Compose‘ ( βŠ• ) button
    1. Untitled-1
  6. Its Faster
    1. On receiving emails
    2. On sending emails
    3. On attaching files
    4. On ALL other functions

Why you might hate it

  1. Its available only for Android, iOS and Chrome (not the OS but browser)
  2. Its bit confusing (See the update below)

Thats all folks, now enjoys some screen-shots πŸ™‚




The sad story on later the day.

Later I introduced Google Inbox to some IT Pros I know, they were struggling on this. They felt this one is a messy thing. They are still very much happy about old Gmail and asked me “What is the invention here, invention means, it should be easier right?” great question it was. Even they didn’t request to send any invitations for them for this. For those who are excited about Google, they always wanted those invites, even now I have sent all my 3 invites to Amalan Dhananjayan (the guy with Google Glass) Mohamed Asfer (A WebGuru) and Ali Akram Ali Uthuan (A medical doctor with geeky brain) All 3 asked me personally via SM. But the common men, say “This is useless” 😦 sadly. I dont see a great future for this over-engineered stuff.

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