Windows 9, Phone 9 and the Watch.

A PC that has Windows is a Windows PC.
A tablet that has Windows is a Windows Tablet.
A phone that has Windows is a Windows Phone.

This is the manthra of Windows now. Microsoft is almost ready to launch a unified Windows for PCs, Tablets and Smart Phone. Recent Windows Phone 8.1 shows the Microsoft’s ability to do this and this green signals the developers for

Develop once, run in many.

Microsoft has collaborated with PhoneGap as early as 2011 starting with support for Windows Phone Mango, and later it begun contributing to the Cordova project, but now they are integrating Cordova into their tooling. Microsoft has announced at TechEd North America Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 which includes among other new features deep support for Apache Cordova enabling developers to create iOS, Android, Windows Store and Windows Phone hybrid applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Even after Xamarin was merged with Microsoft, they are trying to target almost all platforms like Android, iOS and other naively with Xamarin.

OK lets come to the topic, I had a small chat with a very reliable contact from Microsoft, (s)he is actually a beta tester for Microsoft. We were talking about Microsoft’s upcoming things like the Unified Windows and Windows Watch.

There were the things he was pointing out to me

  • Windows 9 will be available to be updated via Store or ISO file for existing Windows 8.1 users by later September or early August
  • Windows 9 is single OS that can run in PCs, Tablets and Phones
  • Windows 9 for Phone preview will be available in Store for the developers by early 2015
  • Windows 9 has the same editions like Windows 8 (eg Windows 9 Pro)
  • Windows Watch, as per rumors, that will be announced by August and developers will get access to it from a program, that is same as the IoT program. So once announced, you have to register and you will be notified if you are eligible to test the Windows Watch.

All these are very cool news right. Lets wait till August to check Windows Watch and Windows 9 for PCs and Tablets and early 2015 to experience the total unified Windows in all devices.

Microsoft rocks, developers rock, beta testers rock.. šŸ˜€

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