Google’s & other FOSS firm’s advantage over Microsoft and how this happens.

Before I write this blog post, I want to blame Microsoft’s marketing division and management for not make prototypes real. This is in bold, italics and underlined, I BLAME MICROSOFT MARKETING DIVISION & MANAGEMENT FOR WASTING ALL THE HARD WORKERS OF RESEARCHERS. YOU GUYS EVEN WASTE THE MONEY, INVESTED IN YOUR COMPANIES RESEARCH DIVISION.

We all go crazy with Google because they are very open and they show us everything they are with. A product after a…. nope, a prototype after a prototype, Google has news for every month and people think

God damn, Google is greeeeeeeaaaaattttt

But it isn’t, say for instance Google Glass, it is yet to be available for consumers and though its available for developers since February 2013, Google is showing about this and making headlines since mid 2011 and even won Best Inventions of the Year 2012 from TIME magazine.

This is how Google make them selves happy, this is like a cycle, they motivate themselves like below

google strag

Most developers, love this strategy, and this is what FOSS developers called SATISFACTION. For an example, me, I used to publish pictures of prototypes I work on, if you see my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin updates you might see this. Every single like makes me more happy and I move forward on my project with happiness and satisfaction.

But in Microsoft’s case this is not applicable as they them selves, let their researches down. I see a bunch of unhappy developers and managers in Microsoft, I don’t know why, they let their own products go down, shut them down, put more limitations on them and so on. While having the largest number of Researchers and Scientist, Microsoft never give life to those invention. They register patents but not implement them and even for the software updates from Microsoft, they never finish them in a good manner and push it to public. I don;t know what the Engineers in Microsoft do but every time when they release an update specially for Windows. That cause a problem and becomes the main reason to people go away form Microsoft. For now the only hope is the Cloud division of Microsoft, yes they are doing some amazing job. In this presentation Scott Hanselman of Microsoft tells how the Cloud division of Microsoft gives them selves a raise by appointing a special person to analyze about Azure Management Studio Uservoice forum. But in the same presentation some one asked about the Uservoice of Windows Phone and he says there is no such special person for that. And why can’t Microsoft appoint a single person for that. Another problem with Microsoft is the documentation for developers. Again for Azure and Sharepoint the have a great documentation but Windows Phone and Windows 8 development lacks it.

If you follow Microsoft Research channel in Youtube, you will go crazy about Microsoft technologies and the hard work from their Researchers but again its the Management and Senior Engineers in Microsoft who let them down. Here are some cool inventions from Microsoft

My conclusion is Microsoft should never let any project from their research go down and they should give more innovative technologies to the world.

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