Tracking Google (Bal)Loon(s)

Google Balloon, nope Google Project Loon is a very interesting thing. After Google search algorithm, I see the algorithm implemented for this is the best one from Google. Though the algorithm is not visible, the execution of the project tells it. Its AWESOME..!

When MH17 crashed (May almighty God, give pain relief for those families) I opened Flightradar24 to see what are the flights going on the way used by MH17 before crash. My brother was next to me. When I was in this page, my brother asked me “Loon means, Google Balloons, isnt it?”, I replied “Yes..!”, He said, “See here, something with ‘Loon'”. Yep he was correct, Flight Radar 24 has the ability to show Google Balloons (That is an old news actually but I never knew this 😦 )

Okie, let me explain the ways to track them

Go to and press ctrl+f and search for “Loon”. Most probably you will see 5 results. Click on “Show on map” button to see them.


When you click on a plane, the path that this particular plane has taken is printed on the map. The color of the trail behind the plane differs depending on the altitude the aircraft had at that position.

The numbers are in meters. If the plane is below 100 meters in altitude, the trail will be white.

You can use this url{latitude of the position}&lon={latitude of the position}&z=5&filter_callsign=HBAL,HIBAL to track balloons in a particular area. For instance, I am wanna search in Australia, I can easily catch them by browsing to,HIBAL By now (July 19, 2014 IST 10.00pm) shows 6 Balloons, and clicking one balloon will show you the path of it.


Happy (Bal)Loon(s) tracking guys 🙂

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