Kudu is the engine behind git deployments in Azure Web Sites. This is a very innovative solution and can be used for publishing website from source control, deployment hooks, web hooks, and more. A very common and useful use of Kudu is downloading a website hosted in Azure via web browser (without any FTP client). There are very simple steps to make this done, they are

1) Navigate to your website on Azure (eg : ishammohamed.azurewebsites.net)

2) Replace the URL in the browser to reference the Kudu companion site for your web site. For example, if your site is ishammohamed.azurewebsites.net, change the URL to  ishammohamed.scm.azurewebsites.net. If prompted to authenticate, sign-in using your Azure Subscription credentials.

3) Now you are in Kudu

4) From the Kudu menu, select the Debug Console -> CMD option.

5) Click the download link for the site folder. This will package the site up into a .zip file and start the download.




6) Extract the .zip on your local hard drive and you’re on your way.