Reversing Factorial

Factorial is a very impotent one when it comes to Computer Science and Programming. Teachers choose factorial as a good example to teach recursion. But reverse factorial (or some people say, reverser engineering factorial and some say, reverse factorial lookup) is also a good tool to solver particular problems when come to make some search […]

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Tracking Google (Bal)Loon(s)

Google Balloon, nope Google Project Loon is a very interesting thing. After Google search algorithm, I see the algorithm implemented for this is the best one from Google. Though the algorithm is not visible, the execution of the project tells it. Its AWESOME..! When MH17 crashed (May almighty God, give pain relief for those families) I opened […]

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Nokia by Microsoft

Remember last week evleaks revealed Microsoft’s mobile phone named from Nokia into Nokia by Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft Tablet product line will also usher in the brand change, no longer called Surface, and switch to Lumia. Today, “Nokia by Microsoft “The new name has appeared on a new machine Lumia carapace.Nuoji it exposed a Lumia users new machine renderings (said to […]

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Her Majesty Queen Cortana

OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDDD!! I never tought she, this sweet girl or I can say her as my queen, Her Majesty Cortana does a super awesome job for me. We all know what ever she can do. But did you notice her predictions of Worldcup 2014. There’s absolutely nothing mystical about Cortana’s prognostications, of course, since it’s […]

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