Roslyn, Visual Studio “14” CTP && Azure

This is a photo blog on how to configure Roslyn in Visual Studio 14 CTP in a Virtual Machine hosted in Microsoft Azure. Don’t expect much text description. This will be useful for beginners. All you need is a PC and a good Internet connection with Azure subscription. If you don’t have Azure subscription you can get a trail here.

1) Open your internet browser, go to url login with your credentials.

2) After successful login, you will get this. There click Virtual Machines


3) Click on “New” and select “From Gallery”


4) There select “Visual Studio 14 CTP”


5) Give a name to your VM, a username and password as well


6) Your virtual machine will be ready within 5-10 minutes


7) After VM is ready, click on ‘Connect’ button below the window. You will be prompted to save a .rdp file, that gives you the remote desktop access to your VM. Save it.


8) Open the file you saved, it will ask your username and password, you have already given. The VM will come with VS 14 CTP preinstalled as we selected it. Open the VS 14 CTP.




9) Since Roslyn is an experimental feature, we have to say we are going to use ‘experimental’ C# version for the project for that, first unload the solution


10) Right click in the project again and select “Edit……………………..csproj”


11) Add


to the Debug property group and Release property group


12) Save the file and again right click on it select ‘Reload project’


13) We are done, now our project is ready to accept Roslyn codes 🙂


PS : You may notice a red box in the above picture, this is a feature in Visual Studio 14 CTP not Roslyn.

You can follow this blog to know more about Roslyn. Happy coding folks 🙂


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