My last week, so painful.

This is a personal post about me and my tech :p works. If you never like to read it, please visit you might find that page helpful..

Last week Nishantha, asked me to do a presentation in Microsoft Student Champs meetup. He hosted the event of May 9th, 2014. I had a chance to do a presentation of March meetup but unfortunately, I broke my leg my self (normally, I am not aware of what is down under my leg, when I walk :p ) and said the host, my junior brother Lahiru that I couldnt make it. Then I had a chance to do a presentation this time. I am really thankful to Nishantha for his invite. I was planning to do a session in ‘Cortana’ and gave the topic as “Hacking Cortana to work with WinRT”. My initial plan was to do two connected apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, both are connected via bluetooth and control the Win 8 app via voice commands from Windows Phone app (Cortana part)


But on last Friday, the last week day of last week, I had a call to write a paper about the research I have done for my Mini Project to the ACM RecSys 2014 which will happen in Foster City, Silicon Valley, USA, 6th-10th October 2014. I spent my Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and half of the Wednesday to write the paper and submitted that, then again I had another call for submission to PGIS ResCon 2014 and submitted another paper within two days, and as the result, I never touched with the presentation, I was intended to do in Friday. Within a night, I prepared for my presentation. Done everything but had no time to finish the app. Slept at 2 am friday and wakeup at 5am on the same day to take bus to Colombo, as I should not miss the Jumuaah prayers and should catch it in Colombo. I took bus to Colombo in the morning and performed the prayers as well without any problem.  After that went to DHPL building, had my lunch as well. When I went to Microsoft office, there were no one at 2.30pm. The office is obviously closed. I was about to meet Wela, and called him, his phone was off. 😦 I had no idea about it. Then I called Nishantha, he said, he also had no idea about it. By 3.00pm Nishantha came and told me that they Microsoft guys went on an outing as their 10th anniversary. My presentation was the last one in the meetup. I started my one by 5:45pm, I went to stage, there was a great great audience, Dushantha came near me and murmured, he specially came to see my one.

I went, setup my system for presentation and asked a question to the audience..

What is Cortana

after a long pause, an answr came.. and it was like

Its a Penetration testing language..


GONE!!!!!!! Everythings gone.. I lost all my hope I had before doing the presentation and did a very very very ordinary presentation and came out…

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