List of Features Windows Phone 8.1 confirmed to have

•NEW File picker (see above image)
•NEW Geofencing API for location-based reminders
•NEW Background tasks: Bluetooth signal strength, Chat message notification, Device connection change, Device use trigger, Gatt characteristic notification, Location, Push notification, Rfcomm connection, System event, Timer
•NEW Updated camera layout, similar to Windows 8.1 (see lede photo above)
•VPN (Virtual Private Network)
•OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) with integrated file browser (just like Windows 8.1)
•Filter through installed apps by usage/install date
•Select multiple tiles when customising the Start screen
•More efficient multitasking
•Ability to install apps on inserted SD Cards
•Internet Explorer 11 improved with WebGL and Normal mapping support
•Separate volume controls for ringer, media, etc.
•Bing smart search (similar search system as Windows 8.1)
•Xbox Music and Xbox Video as standalone apps instead of the Music + Video Hub (allowing more updates to be pushed)
•Redesigned Xbox Game Hub
•Twitter integrated more deeply into the contacts Hub
•Facebook account option REMOVED (updated)
•Quick settings access (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) by doing a quick swipe from the top of the screen
•Action Center accessed by doing a full swipe from up to the bottom (separate from the Notification Center)
•Silent notifications which go directly to the Action center
•Possibility to mark a Live Tile as read by swiping from the left of said tile
•’Cortana’ smart agent performs the same tasks as Siri and Google Now and even more, including data from Foursquare (MS INVEST)
•Auto-updates for apps (just like Windows 8.1)
•Better backup functionality
•Improved keyboard with Swype support
•Bluetooth 4.0 LE (to non-Lumia Windows Phones)
•Feature to mirror Windows Phone screens to TVs and/or monitors

A final interesting note is how Windows Phone is referred to as WinPRT

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