Did an hour code and created a creepy API for Meanings App with Google App Engine "http://ishamsample.appspot.com/meanings?q=[ur_word_here]" is the URL to get meanings of words.

ex : http://ishamsample.appspot.com/meanings?q=excitement

Result is :

{the feeling of lively and cheerful joy}
{the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up}
{something that agitates and arouses}
{disturbance usually in protest}
{the state of being excited (emotionally aroused).}
{something that excites.}

Note :This is limited, not-secure and some words will not work…
This is not real JSON format. Devs can do some string manipulations to to push this in to their apps. All this since Windows 8 and Windows Phone SDK dont come with native JSON parser.. :p