Application-specific passwords in a 2 step verified Google account

Now that you have 2-Step Verification, you may have trouble accessing your account from some apps, such as: 

  • “Mail” on iPhone, iPad, or Mac;
  • Chat clients (e.g., Adium).

To get your apps working again, you’ll need something called an application-specific password. Don’t worry—Google’ll generate one for you, and you won’t need to remember it.

Click this link to get those app specified passwords.

One you go with the above link Google will ask for your user name and password. Once you entered them successfully you can see a page where it asks for the “Name” of the app to generate password. Just give a name that you could remember. Say you wanna configure 2 step verification for your iPhone 4s mail app,  iPhone 5 mail app, Windows Mail app and Windows Phone mail app, so for iPhone mail app give the name something like “My iPhone 4s mail”, for iPhone 5 mail app it might me something like “iPhone 5 mail”, for Windows Mail app “Windows Mail app” like that and so on. Just give a name that you can understand for your specific apps (not device).

After that click “Generate password” button to get your password.

Now open your app and give the newly generated password instead of your default one.

Thats all 🙂 

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