Remove Kernel from Fedora

Kernel updates are essential is Linux distros to get and enjoy awesome new features. Kernel updates tend to add new features and drivers as well as fixing problems on the old one’s and a few bug fixes along the way… It’s beneficial to update your kernel although you dont HAVE to. Frequent updates may not […]

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Windows Phone SDK Setup failed!

I was setting my developerment environment yesterday after upgraded to Windows 8.1. While I was installing Windows Phone SDK. I got the above error. And it seems the cause of this error is invalid digital certificate. I searched through the internet and found a way to resolve it. Here are the steps Uninstall partially install […]

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Adding Windows 8.1 packages for an existing app

If you have an app targeting Windows 8 in the Windows Store, you can retarget it for Windows 8.1 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, then upload your new Windows 8.1 packages to your existing app targeting Windows 8. Customers who had previously downloaded your app on Windows 8 and later upgrade to Windows 8.1 will automatically get the version you submitted targeting Windows 8.1, […]

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