Page Zero feature in Bing

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched a rollout of its biggest overhaul yet of its Bing search service. In addition to a new logo and a new layout, Microsoft introduced something it calls Page Zero. Now a new blog post goes into more depth on what Page Zero is all about.

The post states that Page Zero is an extension of the Satori deep data technology that powers much of Bing. Microsoft states, “To bring this to life, we examined user interaction models, touch friendly interface design, deep understanding of user intent combined with Satori our underlying technology that lets Bing understand more about people, places and things.”

One of the examples of how Page Zero works is shown above, where a search string for Isham Jones starts with the Bing user typing in “isham ” The Page Zero feature, using the Bing algorithms and the Satori database, figures out that the user is trying to find information on the actress even before the full name is typed.

Still can’t get this?

This is feature is currently limited to some countries. So if you wanna try this feature, set your location to United States via Preferences menu.


Then click on country/region link


now select “United States – English”


Now the page reloads and you will get the new “Page Zero” enabled Bing.

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