Getting certification for a non certification language app

Recently I was porting some Websites to Windows 8 apps. First I did this app for then I did some 5+ unpublished apps including my wordpress blog also. After these stories my senior Rohana K Amarakoon asked me to do an app for his blog,

While I done with the app and submitted for certification I got this error


Yes as the error says I did not fulfill the requirement 6.5 for a Windows 8 app. The 6.5 requirement is

6.5 You must localize your app for all languages that it supports

Your app can only support Windows Store allowable languages, and at least one of those languages must be acertification language. The experience provided by an app must be reasonably similar in all languages that it supports.

You must provide a complete description of your app for your customers in each language that you declare in your app’s package. The other elements of your app’s description, such as screenshots, text and promotional images, must be localized. If your app is localized such that some features are not available in a localized version, you must clearly state or display the limits of localization in the app description.

so my problem comes with screen shot and none of the screenshots I gave to store is not fully in English.


so I contacted Microsoft Support and presented my problem to a support agent called “Joel Behina” and he said put a note to testers about those screenshot problem and they will try their best to get my app certified. So for the edited release I made nothing modified but just put a note to tester saying, this app is in Sinhala langauge and contact Microsoft Sri Lanka for confirmation stuffs.

Then I contacted Microsoft Sri Lanka country manager Mr.Imran Vilcassim via email and addressed this issue. Soon after I did all these things I got my app certified and listed to store here (note : it will take about 24 hours for this app to come visible for public). I just got my app certified 2 hours after I mailed to him and put that note to testers.

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