If I become the Windows chief !!

LOL, this is a damn shit post but I am just making this to express what are the modifications that should be in Microsoft Windows 8 and / or 8.1.


Today http://www.netmarketshare.com/ has released the  Desktop Operating System Market Share which shows Windows 8 has started its pace with ruling 7.41% of World PCs which is higher then all Mac releases and higher then all Linux distros. Now Windows 8 is placed in 3rd place listed below Windows 7 (45.63%) and Windows XP (33.66). Main reason for the growth is Microsoft is about to stop the support for Windows XP so most XP users are moving towards the latest Metro OS from Microsoft.

OK lets move to my thing, these are the areas I will focus and modify them

All Metro or All Aero or Mixed

I have some friends who really loves Linux, what the Linux people say for “machan, why do u love linux” is “customization of UI”. Yes, it is. But in Windows there is no talk of UI customization and tweaks. You can change the themes and colours of taksbars and Windows but you cant change the style of them. So my first move will be changing this. 

As in the heading, I will provide three options, first one is “All metro”, that means everything is metro, there you cant see any glossy UI parts. No taskbar, no windowed dialog boxes, no maximize, minimize, close buttons. Everything is Metro-ed just like a phone OS. But you can still work on two or more apps simultaneously. Even the ‘run’ dialog is also metro-ed. This will give a pure tablet OS look to Windows.

Next thing is “All Aero”, that is everything in windows is glossy. with all the features of Windows 8 including Search and Share charms, with glossy look and feel and Windowed. The reason I am including this is all the previous versions of Windows had the same look and feel and most people find it hard to adopt to the current Windrows 8 metro look and feel so this is a kind of giving some training to them.

Last one is “Mixed” this just like the current one. “All metro” is mainly focusing tablets (that is the computers with touch screens) and “All Aero” is for desktops. If you install Windows 8 in a touch enabled machines, the default look and feel is “All Metro” and for non-touch desktops its “All Aero”. We detect whether its touch enabled of not by inspecting the machine’s sensor and hardware details. For instance if the machine has a sensor its touch enabled and “All metro” will be installed but user can change this manually in Metro-ed control panel. This is the pseudo code for the above algorithm

if (sensor.available) 
if (SelectionMenu.slectedLookAndFeel.allAero)

Port almost all web apps with Microsoft devs

There is a very good reason that many people criticizing Windows 8 and Windows Phone is the lack of apps. Recently Nokia also was criticizing them. In 2007 Apple came with an innovative product called iPhone with iOS. Apple people hired and paid for blog posts praising the new iOS so more people stated using iPhones and since its a commercial OS and almost all the apps in iOS are paid ones many people started to develop for them. One year later in September 2008 Google came with a product called “Android”. Both iOS and Android have the same eco-system and Android was open, so many small scaled phone manufactures from Chinese industrial villages also started manufacturing Android phone and most middle class people who could not own an Apple device got the new Android stuff. Since Android community was started getting bigger many iOS developers started porting their apps to Android for free but with Ad-sense enabled. And there were good easy ways to port and Objective-C application to Java so both of these platform’s app store is getting bigger day by day. Another thing is there were(are) many web apps using them users can create simple simple, one paged, one imaged apps for these kinds of platforms.

After all these stories, Microsoft started its journey to Phone and Tablet OS markets with Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. Since both of these platforms use a new eco system, developers were not able to catch this. And many blog posts were criticizing both of these OSes with no reason, Those blogs virtually created a deadlock situation for both of them. If first week they say, “there are lack of sales and do not buy windows products” next week they say “there are lack of apps because of lack of sales”, on the other week they again prompt “there are lack of sales because of lack of apps”. So many developers started hating this systems. To release this deadlock we can do two things one is showing the people that there are more sales or another thing is showing there are loads of apps available in our app store. The easier thing is the second one with our Microsoft in-house developers

All Microsoft in-house developers know and well understood the eco system of Windows 8 platform, in addition Microsoft has an super student power called “Microsoft Student Partners” with their assistant “Microsoft Student buddies”. Till June 30, 2013 There are 99,139 people working in Microsoft and there are extra 3000+ Undergraduate and Graduate students as MSPs. So its near 10 Million. That is there are 10 Million people who know Microsoft Windows’s Eco system. So I will use all of them to port those apps which are top rated in Android and iPhone markets and I will also use them to port almost all Web apps. After porting I will ask the company to approve our app and not to give any payments for us just accept ours. If they are paid apps in other platforms I will ask for a 10+% percentage form the sales of Windows apps. I can assure this can reduce the deadlock situation.

Free official art works for Store apps

In Windows 8.1 has the redesigned the Windows Store app. I see a problem with Windows apps developers that they use very creepy images for their apps. Microsoft should provide great artworks for all kinds of apps For that Microsoft have to develop an application with that any developers can able to create tile images like stuffs which are most suitable to Windows 8 Eco system and their apps. That application might be integrated with Visual Studio


In this picture you can see the red boxed “Instagram Live” app’s tile is very un-professional, and the below blue boxed “where’s my water” app seems does not support wide tiles. So Microsoft should solve these kind of issues by developing an application to make professional app art works and integrate it with Visual Studio.

And Microsoft should make Windows store looks like current Windows Phone store


Modifications in Windows Video app and Music app


Windows Video app and Music app are great on bringing users, the contents from Xbox Videos and Music but its just annoying if the users wants to play local files in his computer. Currently Video and Music apps get more time to load if user open them to play a local file. This can be short out by making it not check for online contents and just open and play the local file and with a background task, get those online contents while playing the media file.

Live tile updates for core Windows apps

Live tile updates is a very nice feature I love in Windows but the core Windows apps like Video app, Music app, Maps app and Calendar app does not seem to be using it. They should use the live tile updates to bring the latest online contents from their web services as Sports and Finance app do. 

Make apps certified quickly

As a Windows 8 developer, one thing I hate most is the below image


Its very sad if any app is disqualified to be listed in Windows store after a week long certification process. And I personally have given up many apps for this kind of issue after failing certification.

Since every app certification requirements are well defined, why cant Microsoft make an automated system for certification, like a extended version of App certification KIT and its run in a clouded environment and check for all the requirements. But still there are some requirements which should be checked manually for that Microsoft can use its own 3000+ Microsoft Student Partners. If I become the Windows chief this is what I will do.

There are more things I have to do and I will extend this post as soon as possible….

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