You are the semi-colon to my statements;

This is a sentence created, and well-understood by ‘programmers’ or ‘coders’ or ‘developers’ or someone who know any programmings language then Visual Basic. These semi-colons are often used to separate multiple statements in programming languages like  Perl, Pascal, PL/I, and SQL. n other languages, semicolons are called terminators and are required after every statement (such as in Java, and the C family).

In most cases these ‘semi-colons’ are very annoying to developers if they miss one. If a developer use any IDE, that IDE will give the exact place of missing semi-colon but if they use texteditors like Notepad-plus-plus… wooooooff!! they are dead if they miss any ‘semi-colon’

The first sentance is very true in “real” lovers life (either married or not) [that statement returns always false for timepass lovers] as I said in the 2nd paragraph. He or She gives the structure for her or him. Structure in a sense ‘a form of living’ and as I said in the third paragraph, without him or her, she or he can not deploy-able, that means there is o life for them without eachout.

In a simple manner, like semi-colons gives the meanings to the code as a girl or a boy gives the meaning for their lover.s life.

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