Support for submission packages in Windows Phone and 8

Windows Phone store and Windows 8 app store are growing quite well. Currently developers needs to give the apps metadata such as name, description and screen shots with the relevent .XAP or .appxupload file. Thought in apps manifest developers give apps name and description.

A developer would like to ease the app submission process by being able to upload an app submission as a single archive package per submission. This archive (could be a ZIP file) should contain all of the meta-data (could be as an XML file) and supporting files (e.g., XAP, screenshots, etc.) that the Store team needs to ingest the app and provide it to the store.

This capability would not only enhance the submission experience, but it would also allow for Store submissions to be added and tracked in the developer’s source control system (e.g., TFS, git).

Optionally, it would also be great for this capability to support selection of markets and price points that the app is intended to target.

As a starting point, it would be fine for the developer to download from the Dev Center a ‘starter template’ that is a ZIP file with basic XML templates and placeholder filenames, which the developer could then tweak/modify for the app she wants to submit.

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