Atheros WiFi problem in Windows 8.1

All early up-daters of Windows 8.1 had a problem with WiFi, most of them had Atheros WiFi device. The problem was conflict of drivers, that is Windows 8.1 automatically conflicts Atheros drivers with Realtek drivers. I personally posted a question in and I tweeted this problems to a Windows MVP named Richard Hay, A programmer named Rephael […]

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Error: “The update is not applicable to your computer”

So, day before yesterday (26th June 2013) Microsoft released its much awaited update for Windows 8 and many people were trying to get installed. But unfortunately some people got “Error: The update is not applicable to your computer” message and they had no idea about it. post on Google plus was a superb example for that. […]

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Upgrade Windows 8.1

Hi folks, here I am coming with how to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Go to Scroll down slightly Click on “Get it now” button Again click on Get the update Your download manager prompts for save file, click OK to continue After file download complete, open the downloaded file, there u can see a […]

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RAID1, or mirroring, is the technique of writing the same data to more than one disk drive. Mirrors are usually used to guard against data loss due to drive failure. Each drive in a mirror contains an identical copy of the data. When an individual drive fails, the mirror continues to work, providing data from the […]

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Remote Android SDK downloader

You may be an android developer or hope to become so. To develop with android you need Android SDK right.. so you need to download it. But do you know every latest version of Android SDK takes about 2GB space in HDD. If you start to download in your home broadband system, it would be […]

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