Two hidden windows 8 folders

Today windows 8 is celebrating its 6th month birthday and there are some hidden features, still unknown for some users. People are criticizing windows 8 but for me its the best windows version ever released. Windows Blue may be better then this but up to date Windows 8 is the best.

Windows 8 has some hidden features, here I’m going to share about two “hidden folders” actually one folder begin its life with Windows 7 but still Microsoft people don’t like to release it to public.

God Mode

This is the secret way that present you with a ton of little system tools to tweak your machine. Actually it came with Windows 7. This is the universal tool

To get this

  • Come to desktop
  • Right click on wall paper
  • New -> Folder
  • Rename “New folder” to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” without quotes.


Applications Folder

Applications Folder is the place, where Windows 8 displays all the applications, both Classical applications and Modern UI apps installed in your PC.

To get this

  • Come to desktop or start window
  • Press the key combination if Ctrl + r
  • U would get “Run”
  • There, type “shell:AppsFolder” without quotes
  • Hit enter


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