Change default plymouth theme in Fedora

What is ‘plymouth’

Plymouth is a bootsplash for Linux. It supports animations. It makes use of Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) and kernel-based mode-setting (KMS). It gets packed into the initrd.

Besides eye-candy, Plymouth also handles user interaction during boot.

It was first included in Fedora 10 “Cambridge” shipped on November 25, 2008 where it replaced Red Hat Graphical Boot (RHGB). Ubuntu includes it in the 10.04 LTS “Lucid Lynx” release shipped on April 29, 2010. Mandriva switched from splashy to Plymouth with version Adélie (2010.0)

What are the available plymouth themes in Fedora

To get the list of available plymouth themes, open terminal and run

# yum search plymouth-theme


Here you can see

  • Fade-in: “Simple theme that fades in and out with shimmering stars”
  • Glow: “Corporate theme with pie chart boot progress followed by a glowing emerging logo”
  • Script: “Script example plugin” (Despite the description seems to be a quite nice Arch logo theme)
  • Solar: “Space theme with violent flaring blue star” and
  • Spinfinity: “Simple theme that shows a rotating infinity sign in the center of the screen” (default)
  • (Text: “Text mode theme with tricolor progress bar”)
  • (Details: “Verbose fallback theme”)

How to install a theme

To set a theme (for instance, Im going to install solar theme), run

# sudo yum install plymouth-theme-solar

Get the list of installed themes

We can confirm that, solar theme is installed by getting the list of installed themes, it can be obtained by running

# plymouth-set-default-theme --list

this command will return the installed plymouth themes.

Set a plymouth theme

To set a plymouth theme, run

# sudo plymouth-set-default-theme solar

and run this also

# sudo /usr/libexex/plymouth/plymouth-update-initrd

If you dont run the above command, plymouth theme couldn’t be applied for the start-up and only the shutdown theme would be changed.


This is the solar theme..

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