Reduce display brightness in Fedora startup

Hi all writing some tech notes again after a longtime, and these days I started using Fedora 18 and I had a problem that when fedora boots it come with the full brightness and I need to reduce it manually to save battery life.

After a small googling I found a nice way, thats xbacklight it is used to adjust the backlight brightness where supported. It finds all outputs on the X server supporting backlight brightness control and changes them all in the same way.

First of all we need to Install xbacklight with
# yum install xbacklight

After installation we can set the display brightness with

xbacklight -set 60

The above command reduce the brightness to 60%. Now the problem is how to do this automatically when system starts. The simplest solution is, make a linux script (.sh file) and add that to start up.

Making .sh file

Open gEdit and type

xbacklight -set 60

save it as [your_file_name].sh in any folder, (I saved it Documents folder)

Make script run in startup

Before make it startup, check whether the script is working perfactly, so open terminal and run script with


If its working perfectly, type

# gnome-session-properties


This command will open the Startup application prefrences there click Add button to add the script and restart the system

You’re DONE!! 🙂

xbacklight synopsis

xbacklight [-help] [-display display] [-get] [-set percent] [-inc percent] [-dec percent]

-get : Print out the current backlight brightness of each output with such a control. The brightness is represented as a percentage of the maximum brightness supported.

-set : percent Sets each backlight brightness to the specified level. -inc percent Increases brightness by the specified amount.

-dec : percent Decreases brightness by the specified amount.

-help : Print out a summary of the usage and exit.

-time : milliseconds Length of time to spend fading the backlight between old and new value. Default is 200.

-steps : number Number of steps to take while fading. Default is 20.

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