Beauty of Sabara

I am a undergraduate from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and I used to go the my Faculty (Faculty of Applied Science) very early, at about 7.30am or otherwise I used to go there in late evening, at about 5.30pm to access the free wifi in its full speed. On my way to the faculty I […]

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Basic Pointer operation in C#

Hi there, most of the programmers at-least heard about a concept called ‘Pointers’ for which most of us think its belong to C and C++ but 90+% of the programming languages use pointers to address the memory. The documentation of C++ defines the Pointers as We have already seen how variables are seen as memory cells that […]

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What is foobar

Most of the basic level programmers know the hello world programs but while the getting started with string concatenation they came through a non-familiar word “foobar” What is that “foobar” “Foo” and “bar” as metasyntactic variables were popularised by MIT and DEC, the first references are in work on LISP and PDP-1 and Project MAC from 1964 onwards. Many […]

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