How solve Xtouch X507 Blinking screen problem while making / receiving call

Problem Description :

The  display blinking or the display goes black just after pressed the “dial” button or the answer the call.

Problem Cause:

The reason of the problem is “Proximity Sensor”. If the sensor has a loose connection, user may experience this sort of problem.

What is that Proximity Sensor

A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

This sensor is available in android based devices, to determine how close is your face to the device. This feature let the display off while the device is on the ear and this will save battery.

How to locate this sensor in X507


How this problem occur

If the device experienced any heavy shock in the sensor area this problem will arise.

How to solve this problem

To solve this, we can simply do a sensor calibration in factory modeIn Jellybean’s display settings there is an option called Als-Ps calibration” but this feature seems not solve this problem.

How to perform that calibration {DO THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK}

To perform factory mode calibration

1. Turn off the phone

2. Press & hold power & volume down button, then

enter Factory mode

3. Go PS Calibration

4. Clear Calibration

5. Do Calibration, meanwhile keep your palm 3 cm

away from the sensor (near front camera) for

about 5 seconds

6. If it suggest ok, reboot the phone.

With Explanation

Step 1 :

Just power off your phone

Step 2 :

Press botPress both “Power” and “Vol down” key simultaneously until the android logo appears on the display.


Step 3 :


Select the 2nd menu, by pressing Vol down key and press the Enter key.

Now go through the menu


After we get the first child menu (second men) now againf we wanna select 17th menu, by pressing Vol down key and press the Enter key. 

First child menu has 26 sub options.

Step 4 :

After selecting 17th menu item, we would be in the PS Calibration menu.


Here, in that what area (actually in black in colour on phone) there are some nasty things. You can observe a value would be continuously changing. with the values like 2Ef or 2Cf or etc.. Now lets do a small experiment, take your thumb near the proximity sensor and you would observe that value would increase to 100Af or more. This is how the PS feels the objects.

In this windows select “Clear Calibration” and press enter.

Now the old calibration records are cleared from the memory.

Step 5 :

Now we have to do the calibration by selecting “Do Calibration” menu item.

After selecting the “Do calibration” we have to place our palm 3cm away from sensor, while pressinf the enter key our palm should be there and with zero movements.


Wait for 5 seconds and we can get an ‘OK’ message on the display in yellow text.

After that bo back to the parent menu pressing back key and again we wanna go back to its parent menu. (press back key 2 times and we would get the first menu)

Now select the last option of the menu and press enter.


After booting the phone again the problem should not come again. .

If not, you’ve done it wrong. Try to do it again in your own risk or just send the phone to the service center located in » Shop BAA11,Dragontmart,International city,Dubai..


«NOTE : Xtouch people appriciated my work and added this method to their site But they said their are 27 items on the second menu and we have to select the 18th one. But for my device its 26 items and I had to select the 17th one»

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